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Roman Road Construction

We made models of Roman road construction. We have done something similar to this before, but it was worth a second shot at it. These were a bit easier to make in individual cups, so it it handier for co-ops and the like. If you have seen my other Roman Road project, then you will notice that the layers are not exactly the same. The Romans varied how they made them some, and so we talked about this when we made them. If you cannot find the exact thing we used, you can improvise with whatever you have that is similar.

You will need:

  • Crushed nuts, granola or trail mix (we used crushed pecans) = rubble
  • Fig Newtons= slabs of concrete
  • Cookies & Cream Candy bar pieces = concrete and stone
  • Little Debbie's Star Crunch = hard stones pieced together
  • Oreos (we used the kind with chocolate center) = slabs of lava

source: My Mix of Six

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  1. This was probably less messy because it didn't have pudding.

  2. I love this! I might have to revisit the Romans just to do this desert!!

  3. Anonymous29.5.14

    Wow! I love this one. I'm going to have to remember this (or pin it so I can remember it) when we decide to study the Romans :-)


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