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Ancient Egypt: Middle Kingdom {approx. 2040-1640 BC} and The Second Intermediate Period {approx. 1640-1530}

The Middle Kingdom

11th-13th Dynasties

The Middle kingdom of Egypt is also known as The Period of Reunification. From the 12th dynasty onwards, pharaohs often kept well-trained standing armies.

The Second Intermediate Period

14th-17th Dynasties

The Second Intermediate Period marks a period when Ancient Egypt fell into disarray for a second time. It is best known as the period when the Hyksos made their appearance in Egypt and whose reign comprised the Fifteenth dynasty. Famine, which had plagued Upper Egypt during late 13th dynasty and the 14th dynasty, also blighted the 16th dynasty.


Canopic Jars

We have tried to make our own canopic jars in the past, without much success. It was a great learning experience for them to learn what the jars looked like, but we made them out of clay, which broke too easily, and cause heartache.
This time we decided to invest in Art in History's canopic jar projects. 
They come unpainted and give you advise on how to paint them.
 Layer by layer, 
they begin to transform...

 into realistic looking pieces.
 Even my 9-year old was able to make a great looking piece.
In making them, we all paid more attention to the details and there was much conversation about heiroglypics, canopic jars, mummification and the changes that occurred throughout their various periods.



We made the head coverings out of 24"x24" white muslin, aluminum foil for the snake with gold jewels for eyes. We rolled the foil and folded it to make a cobra shape, then spray painted it gold and hot glued the jewel eyes. We painted some 3/4" ribbon with gold spray paint and used that to go around the head covering and put the asp on. We just measured their heads and then removed the ribbon and stapled it then put it on their head and wrapped the tin foil snake around it. The snake stayed just fine. 


The shendyt is a kilt-like garment which was made of cloth and was worn around the waist, typically extending to above the knees, in ancient Egyptian society.

We made our shendyt from the same material as the headpiece. We brought it together in the front and sewed it to keep it firm. Another strip of the same type cloth was used as a belt.

Arm Cuffs

We made arm cuffs from recycled Gatorade bottles, which are already molded with indentations. We cut the side of the circle so there is an opening, and then spray painted them gold. We glued on gems.

High School

Sam begin reading The Tale of Sinuhe and Other Ancient Egyptian Poems translated by R.B. Parkinson. These literary works in this collection were preserved on papyrus manuscripts over the centuries and are now considered to be the crowning literary achievements of the Egyptian Middle Kingdom.

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