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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Ancient Egypt: 3rd Intermediate Period {approx. 1070-712 BC}

21st-25th Dynasties

This period was one of decline and political instability, marked by division of the state for much of the period and conquest and rule by foreigners. But many aspects of life for ordinary Egyptians changed relatively little.


The Scribes' Box

For our scribe's box, we just bought a tray from Michael's, some fine point paint brushes and some black acrylic paint. 


Our papyrus was simply made from strips of construction paper glued together.

High School

Sam wrote a portrayal of the pharaoh based on his reading of The Tale of Sinuhe, then described and examined the nature of the relationship between an individual and the pharaoh.

And because Adventures in Mommydom and I have switched memes this month, I will be linking this to her History and Geography Meme.

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