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Egyptian Reed Boat Model

Since we are beginning our study of Ancient Egypt with the Nile River, we made a model of their reed boats.
At our time spent at Turner's Creek park last week, we gathered some willow branches.
We wanted to make some Egyptian-style reed boats for our study of Ancient Egypt. This pile of branches made two small reed boats, so you need to collect a good amount of them to make the boats.
We followed the directions from Creekside Learning.
We stripped the leaves off the branches and cut them into 12-14 inch pieces in order to make them Playmobil size. Using one of the branches, we tied a bundle of them together, and then bent the bundle by using a rubber band to hold them into a "U" shape, and left it for a few days to dry in that position. We added a couple of zip ties to them to make sure they keep together.
Once dry, you can remove the rubber bands and the boats are ready for display and play.

Originally posted Nov 22, 2013


  1. That's really neat - did you try and see if they floated? I always think it would be interesting to work with willow, but have not gotten around to it.

  2. Very effective and easy. Cute if I dare say so.

  3. Great job, now I wish we had willow trees......


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