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In The Beginning: A Little Pre-History

 They each are using a sketch book for their history work.
because we make scrapbook/lapbook type pages. Sometimes, like this week, we will be using Ancient History Portfolio pages.

We began our history with the days of creation. 

First Farmers, Domestication of Animals and the First Cities

Quentin's (age 9) history notebook pages
 We pulled from a couple different sources to make this notebook page. The map came from Eastern Hemisphere Explorer, The list of the domesticated animals comes from Remembering God's Awesome Acts...
and the pictures of ancient breeds of sheep came from History Portfolio.  The quote was their copywork for the week. We also reviewed what we had learned about the first farmers and the first towns four years ago. We located Jericho and Catal Huyuk on a map.

We enjoyed looking at a family tree timeline from the Bible.


  1. We watched an interesting documentary from the library about the first cities, archaeological discoveries and wild wheat and oats. Pretty fascinating stuff! It looks like you are really enjoying your history this year.

  2. We have those same sketch books :)

  3. I always find family tree pictures and such fascinating.


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