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Concoctions for Play: "Stained Glass" Gelatin Disks

"Stained Glass" Gelatin Disks

This pretty disks are fun and easy to make, and you can cover some chemistry terms while you are making them.
Make a solution of a lot of gelatin powder and only a little water...in a plastic lid.

It makes a very thick mixture.
When the powder is dissolved... add a few drops of food coloring of the colors of your choice and gently turn the lid so that the coloring swirls slowly in the solution.

Let them sit for about a week until they are thoroughly dried. Slowly peel them off the lid, taking care not to tear them.
Now you can tape them to a window and see the beautiful stained glass-type look to them.
Pretty, aren't they?


  1. So this is how they do those gel clings! This is really an interesting chemistry lesson!

    1. I am sorry, but I guess I left out a bit of information. These are not like the gel clings...these are hard like very thin glass or plastic. They are very fragile.

  2. I should do some with Princess who loves gel clings, and has some plastered to her window that I think will only come off with a jackhammer.

  3. Anonymous16.9.13

    Love this! Can't wait to try it with the girls:)


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