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World War II: New Recruits Go Through Basic Training

Drill Sergeant Katie put them through drills of Jumping-Jacks...
and Push-Ups.
Then they went through the obstacle course.

Other possibilities for the obstacle course could be step through tires lying flat, sliding down a pole, grabbing a bag filled with sand and dragging it...just about anything. Use what you have on hand.
 Then on to the Mess Hall....
 for their MRE's (Meals Ready-to-Eat)...

We used camping kits and individually packaged foods. To make it even more simple, but not quite as authentic, you can just slip a Lunchable in the bag. (And don't forget the Hershey's Chocolate.)

 Then in the afternoon, they learned about submarines...

parachute diving...
and the physics of dropping bombs.
"Dropping a bomb from a moving plane from thousands of feet in the air was not an easy task, especially with enemy planes harassing you and anti-aircraft fire coming at you from the ground."
We tested this out by putting a cup on the floor and having the boys take turns dropping a Hershey's Kiss from a standing position, from walking by, and from running by. They noticed that the faster they went and the further up they held the candy bombs, the harder it was to hit their target.

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  1. I remember the "dropping bomb" question as one of the hardest on my high school calculus final - I love this hands on approach!

  2. This is a great lesson! My kids would have loved going through basic training. When I cycle back around to this in 4 years I'm going to have so many great things to do!

  3. Awesome! Awesome!

  4. Can't forget the chocolate! (referring to Band of Brothers) haha.
    Great post!

  5. Oh wow, I love the assault course idea! Brilliant!


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