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Year Around Tree Study: Apple Tree

“Like a friend is a tree, in that it needs to be known season after season and year after year in order to be truly appreciated. A person who has not had an intimate, friendly acquaintance with some special tree has missed something from life.”
Anna Botsford Comstock, A Study of a Tree

“A visit to a large, well-grown orchard in spring or autumn will aid in making this work interesting. Any apple tree near at hand may be used for the lesson.”
-Handbook of Nature Study, page 664

From Nature Portfolio


“This lesson should begin with the apple blossom in the spring and should continue, with occasional observations, until the apples are well grown.”

-Handbook of Nature Study

The apple tree in full leaves of summer.

We noticed that the Apple tree's leaves did not change color as many of the tree's leaves have. They go from green to brown, before falling off the tree. So far, however, most of the tree is still full of leaves and lush green. We picked as many apples off the tree this year as we could handle, making into pies, baked apples, applesauce and other goodies. We plan to can the applesauce next year.


  1. I think it's immensely cool you can pick the apples. We tried to grow an apple tree from seed, but that was not successful. We just got a moldy seed.

  2. We're working with a spruce this year. I think my kids favorites are trees that flower in the spring.

  3. Very inspiring. I find The Handbook of Nature Study rather dauntingly dense but you've made it seem a resource worth investing the time in. I love the beautiful winter slide show.


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