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Saint Francis DeSales

Spring Activity: Putting in a Victory Garden

 We are putting our garden notes in this cute little booklet.
Katie made a garden plan...
 which we folded up into the first page of the booklet.

 We decided to make a cement block raised bed garden.We layered gravel, potting soil and top soil in the bed.

Planting time!
 Katie planted some plants in each of the block's holes as well as in the garden bed.

  She made a trellis out of the bamboo we had collected.

and she added a garden snail to look over it all.
Then the Indians arrived. : )

You can share them with us at Pinkoddy!


  1. I love the idea of using cement blocks to create a raised bed. I think I would stagger a 2nd tier on top of the first though to make it deeper, but cement blocks are actually pretty cheap to purchase and obviously so sturdy!

    We're using the same little notebooks for our garden studies starting tomorrow. LOL

  2. Oh no, not Indians!

    I so wish I had any skill or inclination towards gardening. I love the results, it's the work, and the sunburns I don't enjoy.

  3. Love it! What a fun way to learn :)


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