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Worms and Family Biology

Phylum Platyhelminthes (Flatworms), Phylum Nematoda (Roundworms) and Annelids (Segmented Worms)
Alex's (age 18, special education) notebook page For this page, he combined the sketching of the earthworm's organs from the high school text with the description of the different types of worms from the elementary text.
There are three types of worms -segmented worms like earthworms, flatworms like the planarian and roundworms. Roundworms are often parasites. Washing your hands and cooking meat thoroughly are the best things to do to prevent infection from roundworms.

For our biology studies this year, the older boys are using the high school level text, which focuses mainly on the classification, the methods of reproduction and the internal structures of the various organisms we are studying. For the younger boys, I am using the coordinating portions of the elementary zoology series, which goes into more detail. For Alex, we use both texts to give him more exposure to the material. In this way, the whole family can work on the same subject and we can all talk about what we learn together.

The boys thought that the most interesting fact about worms was that planarians tear themselves apart on purpose in order to reproduce. The two halves will then regenerate its missing half to make two complete planarians.


  1. Very interesting fact about the planarians. I don't know that I even knew that.

  2. I agree- very interesting!! Another fun study!! :)

  3. I still remember dissecting a worm in high school. It was both gross and fascinating.

  4. Worms and family....what a great title. Thanks for stopping by Hammock Tracks and as always I love to see what your family is doing. -Savannah

  5. I love your post about worms. I have a worm-themed linky I'd love you to link up. Our unit was geared to kindergarten, but I've been asking people to post lessons geared for all ages. http://www.stemmom.org/2012/10/we-love-worms-linky.html

    Darci the STEM Mom


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