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Combination Plates

The boys had a chance this week to pretend that they were going out to dinner at the Rosada's restaurant. For two combinations, they were given an allowance of $3.75 and for three combinations, they had an allowance of $5.50.

They were given a menu:
Burrito $2.25
Quesadilla $1.25
Enchilada $1.50
Taco $1.50
Chili Relleno $2.00
Tamale $1.75

They had to pick their items and decide how much they would cost and then how much change they would get back, if any.


    1. I think a year from now we're going to try this unit. It needs familiarity with some multiplication, which my kids aren't ready for yet.

    2. Actually the unit mostly worked with addition and subtraction, but it is mostly for 3-5th grades.


    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. It means so much.