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Phylum Cnidaria, Part 1: Hydra and Jellyfish

We have been having fun learning about Cnidarians.
The Phylum Cnidaria (also called Coelenterate) can be further broken down into Subphylums and Classes.
The Subphylum Anthozoa includes corals and sea anemones and Subphylum Medusozoa includes jellyfish. The Jellyfish can be broken down into three major classes: Class Scyphozoa or true jellyfish, Class Cubozoa or box jellies and Class Hydrozoa or hydras.

Subphylum Medusozoa

Class Hydrozoa: Hydras

Cnidarian comes from the Greek word "knide," which means nettle, which is something which delivers a sting. They sting because they have nematocysts which are like little capsules of stinging liquid with a sharp needle-like point which pieces the skin, letting out a thin hollow thread to deliver the liquid under the skin.
The hydra has lots of tentacles that contain nematocysts. These subdue their prey so that the tentacles can get the prey to it's mouth.

Class Scyphozoa: True Jellyfish

Quentin's, age 8
 Jellyfish Pictures
We made jellyfish pictures by using lots of watered paint and then holding the page to let the paint drip to make the tentacles.
Alex's, age 17
 We lightly painted a notebook page with blue watercolor and then cut out our jellyfish and glued them to the page.

This made a very attractive notebook page.
You can use one of them to note the parts of the jellyfish.
Jellyfish in a Bottle
Ours did not turn out as well as the ones at Bhoom Play! partially because I could not find a thin clear plastic grocery bag. I used a large Ziploc bag and the plastic was to thick. We put ours in a 2-liter instead of a 1-liter bottle.

Alex's, age 17
Jellyfish Ocean Art
Using the painting we made when we were studying tints, we created some jellyfish deep blue sea art.
We went over the five ways to create depth...
2)placement on the page
4)amount of detail
5)boldness or paleness of color
Then they drew jellyfish on their paper in white oil pastel using as many techniques for creating depth as they could.
Quentin's, age 8

Jellyfish Lunch
For fun we made a jellyfish lunch.
Cut off the ends of hot dogs and stick raw spaghetti noodles in the flat side.
Boil them for the time specified on the spaghetti package.
Serve with spaghetti sauce or ketchup.

Class Cubozoa or box jellies 

Box jellyfish are distinguished from other jellyfish by their cube-shaped medusae. Stings from several species in the class are extremely painful and sometimes fatal to humans but they are generally restricted to the tropical and subtropical oceans such as the Indo-Pacific.


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  1. Fun! I love Jellies. We saw an awesome exhibit in Monterrey a few years back. I posted a very short video of an "Upside-Down" Jelly that we saw at a recent trip to an aquarium in San Francisco if your kids would want to see.

  2. I love your jelly fish paintings! I wanted to do the jellyfish in a bottle, but wasn't able to.

  3. I love jellyfish! The paintings came out beautiful! I've seen the hot dog/spaghetti combo before and thought it looked gross but as jellyfish, they look super! Will try that for fun.

  4. What fun!!! I love the Jellyfish snacks.. and my girls 21 and 13 are prolly going to laugh when I make them for them. I have to.. they are just so cute!!!
    A few years ago we saw the Jellyfish exibit at the Baltimore Aqurium ~ there were so many different species and they were all very beautiful!

  5. I like all your jellyfish art projects. We did a little research on jellyfish last summer before visiting the aquarium. They're pretty amazing creatures given they don't have typical body parts/functions.

  6. Tell the kids that their jelly fish (all the different kinds, art and eatable) rock!!

  7. What an absolutely packed full of fun post! So much to do - and so colorful.

  8. fantastic!!! thank you so much for sharing your creativity!!


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