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Building, Part 4: Paper Bridges

This is the next task I gave my builders:
How many tiles do you think a bridge made out of a sheet of paper can hold?
What can you do to the paper to make it stronger?
Your task is to make a bridge out of one sheet of paper.
You can also use up to 5 paperclips, but nothing else.
The sides of the bridge must rest on two equal materials such as books, or as in our case, two storage containers, with about 8 inches between the sides.
You cannot use tape to tape down the sides.
Quentin used the paperclips to weight and support the sides and was able to hold a few more tiles.
Katie folded hers into an accordion and it held many more -about 20.
James folded his paper for added stability and reinforced the edges with the paperclips -and it held nearly 40.
Activities and photos from 7/18/08.
The strategies were combined for the toughest of all bridges and we could pile on it as many as we could fit on the bridge and it could still hold more.

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  1. So much fun! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Anonymous31.1.13

    I'm enjoying this series. There used to be a website which would set a quest for the week and we would join in with that. This post reminded me of some of the activities they set us to do!

  3. I learned from our last trip to the Children's Museum that if you fold the sides up the bridge instantly becomes much more stable.

    This is such a great activity.

  4. Simple and great! Thanks for sharing!


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