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Reconstruction and Presidents Andrew Johnson and Ulysses Grant

Andrew Johnson
17th President
Served: 1865-1869
Party: Democrat
Events in Presidency: Became President after the death of Lincoln

as we are studying Johnson and the reconstruction period.

 They had fun dressing  up.

 We went through the museum and saw a model of his tailor's shop in action (Did you know the tailors sat on the tables while they worked?)...
 and saw the real shop.
 They had one of the tailor's irons so that you could see just how heavy they were.
 They had to stop and have some fun with the leaves between sites.

 An early home of Johnson's. I just love the fall leaves through the windows.
 The boys worked in their Junior Ranger booklets...
 and received their Junior Ranger badges.

 Then we toured Johnson's homestead.
 It is preserved beautifully and the tour was the best tour I have ever taken.

Alex's notebook page, from Homeschool Share's Presidents lapbook
Ulysses S Grant
18th President
Served: 1869-1877
Party: Republican
Pre-presidency: Entered the military at West Point
Lieutenant in the Mexican-American War
General for the Union during the Civil War
Events in Presidency: Reconstruction period for the United States
Ratified the 15th amendment establishing voting rights for all
Promoted severe punishment for the Ku Klux Klan
Made Christmas a federal holiday
Post-presidency: Spent 2 years traveling the world with his wife
Went bankrupt, but Mark Twain offered him a generous
amount of money for his memoirs
Had throat cancer, but finished his memoirs right before
he died, leaving his family cared for
Buried in Grant’s tomb in New York, the largest
mausoleum in North America
Namesakes: $50 bill
Grant Memorial on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.


  1. When we drove through Tennessee last spring I wanted to go by the Hermitage, but it wasn't feasible in the timing of our trip, but I remember going there as a kid. I mainly remember there was some kind of very smelly mushroom.

    I need to post our studies on these presidents. It's been a busy couple of weeks, and we're just starting to get our feet back under us after having been out of town.

  2. What a really love most about your post is that it is more so than not the whole family together learning. It is just awesome to see!! Thank you so much for sharing.


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