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Building the Panama Canal (1904-1914) and President Teddy Roosevelt

Alex's (age 18, special needs) notebook page. Can't you tell how much he dislikes coloring?
 We read about the building of the Panama Canal and then they added maps to their notebooks. We talked malaria and yellow fever and President Teddy Roosevelt's role in US's involvement in the canal. We reviewed how canals and locks work. We talked about how much the canal saved people in time, money and trouble once it was built.
We talked about President Roosevelt's accomplishments and added him to our file box timeline.

President Theodore Roosevelt
26th President
Served: 1901-1909
Party: Republican
Became President after the death of McKinley
Building of the Panama Canal
Went on an African safari doing research for the Smithsonian and the American Museum of Natural History
Campaigned against Taft for the Republican nomination for President in 1913, but lost
Attempted assassination while campaigning – Bullet went through eye glasses case and his speech, but he went on to deliver the speech, while bleeding, before going to the doctors.
Went on expedition in South America where he contracted malaria.
First President under constant Secret Service protection
First President to invite a colored man, Booker T.Washington, into the White House
First President to ride in an airplane
Quote “Speak softly and carry and big stick.”
Namesake: Teddy Bear, after he refused to kill a bear during a hunt in Mississippi
Nicknamed Teddy – even though he disliked the name
Mount Rushmore
Submarine and aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt

What else was happening in America at the turn of the century?
San Francisco Earthquake
Many American artists went to Europe to paint.
George Eastman developed the Kodak Camera
Frank Lloyd Wright

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  1. Your kids' coloring of the canal turned out much better than my kids' unsupervised coloring of it.......

    1. Remember my kids are a bit older. If you look back to older posts,when my kids were your kids age, they were not colored as well. Alex and Quentin, in particular, don't like to color. I always pick the best one to post, too. :)


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