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World Geography: Korea

Steven took James, Quentin and Katie to Red Chili, a Korean restaurant in Elizabethton, TN.
Be-Bim-Bob (Katie ordered hers with Kim-Chee and Pork with cooked vegetables on a bed of seasoned rice in a hot stone bowl). Be-Bim-Bob (Steven ordered his with Tofu with cooked vegetables on a bed of seasoned rice in a hot stone bowl with a fried egg ), James had Red Chicken (sweet and spicy chicken) and Quentin had Shrimp and Noodles (Stir fried shrimp, veggies and noodles).

We took a brief look at Korea's history. We found out that Korea had two invasions from Japan in the late 1500's led by Hideyoshi. In the 1600's the Manchus invaded Korea twice.
The French invaded in 1866 in retaliation for their execution of French Catholic priests missionaries.
The First Sino-Japanese War (1894 – 1895) was fought between Qing Dynasty of China and Meiji of Japan, primarily over control of Korea, with Japan winning. In 1910 with the Japan-Korea treaty, Japan's rule was officially noted. In 1919 Korea began establishing its independence, but it is not fully established until 1945. After the surrender of Japan (1945), the Korean peninsula is divided between Soviet and American occupation forces at the 38th parallel, which precipitates the Korean War in 1950.
In 1964, South Korea joins the Vietnam War.
James' (age 11) map of South Korea

In 1988 the 24th Olympics are held in Seoul.
South Korea's Flag 
made from traditional South Korean kimbap and sauces
source: Marvelous

In 1991 North and South Korea join the United Nations.

Quentin (age 8) makes a product map of North Korea.

Missile and rocket testing has been an issue since that time to this day. The younger boys are a little too  young to be able to grasp all of this, so we didn't go into this too deeply.
photo from Pink Parsley
We tried Crock Pot Korean Beef Short Rib Tacos, but they had mixed reviews. I was the only one who loved them, so you know what that means? We won't have them again.
Another interested recipe we could have tried was Korean Chicken Thighs. If you give them a try, let me know as I am curious about how they would taste.
Steven also took James, Quentin and Katie to a Korean restaurant in town. Quentin didn't like it but the rest liked it, although it was surprisingly spicy.

  • The Green Frogs, Yumi Heo
  • The Kite Fighters, Linda Sue Park, (grade 3/age 8 and up), One of my very favorite books. Set in fifteenth-century Korea.
  • A Single Shard, Linda Sue Park, (age 10 and up) Another favorite book -I just love this author!  Set in mid- to late 12th-century Korea.
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  1. When we were there, I found it to be more beautiful than I had imagined. Both my husband and I noted that if S. Korea was any closer to the USA, we'd definitely be taking vacations there. The people are so warm and friendly; Always wanting to practice their English, extremely helpful, and very proud to show off how far they have come since the Korean War.

  2. I always love how make a dish representing the country you are studying. i bet you have a very interesting recipe book. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I don't put all the recipes that we use in school in our recipe collection...only if it liked so much they want to put in our menus. Our recipe collection is, however, online and you can view it any time you like...


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