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Halloween Week Art and Science: Negative Art and Bones

The boys made negative art by spraying paint on top of their hands. We have done this before years ago when we studied cave art, to simulate cave handprint paintings.
Hands, at the Cave of the Hands
Cave of Hands, Argentina
This time we watered down white paint in a spray bottle and sprayed the boys' hands on dark paper. 
Black would have worked better, but all we had was gray, so we went with that.

After we had their hands painted in negative space, they glued down cotton swabs to simulate the bones in the hand.

James, age 11

Quentin, age 8
We may label the bones once the glue dries.
 And so, we got an art and a science lesson in one!

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  1. Too Cool!! Thank you for sharing.

  2. How do your kids react to paint on their hands? My kids totally freak out, so it kinda limits what art projects we do.

    1. They were not too crazy about it, but with the spray bottle it only took a few seconds and then they washed their hands. You can water it down so much that the texture is much more like water than paint. It goes through the spray bottle better that way, too.


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