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We worked on contractions today. (Please pardon the black paint on my fingers.) I wrote out the words used in contractions and he cut them out into rectangles.
 He then folded them over, putting the words that are taken out of the words inside the folds...
 to make the contractions.
He then taped them into his book. He can refer to them, if he needs to, unfolding and refolding as much as he needs to. When writing the words in his writing assignments, he knows to put the apostrophe where the fold is.

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  1. This is a really clever way to teach contraction! Thanks for sharing! I'll have to borrow this idea. :-)

  2. These are TOTALLY awesome! They would be great in an English lapbook, too...hmmmm....

  3. I love this! I'm sure we'll be covering contractions later this year. I need to make a game for Batman he's about to start on compound words.


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