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World Geography: Introduction

This year’s history and geography focus is on research, and we are going to be working on writing reports in their notebooks and so we will be using a composition book, colored pencils, tracing paper, glue sticks and scissors and a pen or pencil. The eventual goal is for them to make a two page spread including at least three colored traced or drawn pictures. In leiu of one of the drawn pictures, they could take a photograph of a project they did, like building a scene from the country with Legos. Traced or drawn maps are also a good choice for illustration. I am going to be working on them writing complete sentences. For the older boys, we will be working on them developing a proficiency at reading maps, become skilled in using atlases, know the location of important places in the world and key world physical features, to understand geographical terms and to develop critical thinking skills using maps and an almanac. In addition to reports, we are looking forward to cooking some dishes from each country we study or going out to an appropriate restaurant or market and hopefully listen to authentic music We might also watch some Netflix movies relating to our studies. And of course there are some great books and stories to will read and report on relating to each country we study.

The possible reports they could choose from are:

Culture Report
This is about a country, a typical family, house, food, school and facts that are interesting to them. They could include a paper doll as one of the pictures in this report.

Geography Report
Country name, capital, continent, main language and other facts they find interesting. One of the traced or drawn pictures needs to be an outline of the country.

History Report:
Person’s name, country, year of the event/achievement and facts that are interesting to them.

Movie Review
This report should include the title of the movie, a rating of one to five stars, facts that they found interesting, why they would or would not recommend the movie.

Book or Story Report
This should include the title of the book or story and the author, description of their favorite part of the book or story.

Recipe Card
This card should include the title of recipe, the ingredients, a description of how to cook the recipe. Instead of the drawn pictures, they can use the camera to take a picture of the meal they made.

Introduction to World Geography

We began our world geography studies by looking and and interacting with a world map. Using the book, How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World, by Marjorie Priceman, I had the younger boys find the countries where each ingredient came from. We thought about modes of transportation and played the "We took _______ to _______ to get _______." 

And, of course, we made apple pie.

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  1. Have you seen the Children Just Like Me notebook page? http://www.homeschoolcreations.net/2011/08/free-homeschool-geography-resources/

    I also have a post about how we have been using country alphabet books and you tube with our world study that you might like- http://tribeof11.blogspot.com/2011/11/k-is-for-korea.html

    I like the way you have your goals planned out- that they include skills like writing complete sentences. Looks like you are off to a great year of studies!!

  2. I always enjoy peaking into your blog and reading your book suggestions. I wish I hadn't just clicked the buy button at amazon. I would have bought the Apple book for sure! So cute.

  3. I love your plans. This is going to be fun to see.

  4. Thanks for sharing your plan. There's so much to cover in geography, and all very interesting too. You might be aware that Homeschool Share has quite a lot of country lapbook resources and lessons suitable for geography.


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