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Habitats, part 3: Adding Earthworms to the Terrarium

Look at it now!
We made journal entries using this method of drawing the plants, roots, and pebbles with crayon and giving it a watercolor wash afterwards.
This week we are adding earthworms.
 We have studied earthworms before as part of our nature study...
but a review never is a bad thing. The head is the pointed end.
If you have an earthworm in a clear plastic cup and hold it up to light, you can see the internal structures of the worm.
You can try to measure the length and diameter of the worm.
We are going to observe them this week and see if our terrarium changes due to their appearance.

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  1. The terrarium has come a long way!Looking great!

  2. I didn't see a place under your curriculum post to leave a comment so I thought I'd just comment on your most recent.

    What a list!! I love it. I just love all the books you listed and I'm going to use it for some reading ideas. I'm putting together a reading list for my 3rd and 5th graders.

    I noticed you use Apologia for some of your sciences. If you are interested in connecting with other Apologia users, I host an Apologia Blog Roll on my blog that you can link up to.



  3. The terrarium looks awesome! I like the idea of adding earthworms.

  4. Hmph, I thought I'd commented before, oh well, now I am. I love his illustration, I need to read the link you linked to for how it's done.

    Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!

  5. That thing is busting at the seams! I've never had much luck with them before. I might try one again after seeing yours!


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