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Learning to Write Numerals (Letters, too!) (Pre K-2nd)

Large Numeral Cards
James, 2008
Make large numerals that cover the whole sheet of paper. The first part of the numeral is drawn in purple and the second part in green. Hang on the wall. Students stand at least ten feet away and trace the shape of the numeral in the air with a finger or two extended. The purple part is traced first and then the green. This helps to eliminate reversals. Once they are confident in tracing it in the air, they can switch to tracing it in the palm of their hand, which is held high enough so that if they raise their eyes slightly, they can still see the large numeral card.

Cooke Dough Numerals
Make a stiff cookie dough by adding an additional 1/2-3/4 cup flour. Have students roll out a snake and fashion a number. You can make up a sheet to help them by writing large numerals on a piece of paper and then cover it with a sheet of waxed paper. The snakes can then be formed into numerals right on top of the waxed paper, using the sheet of numerals as a guide. Transfer to a cookie sheet and bake. 

Numeral Sequence Cards
James, 2008
James and Sam, 2008
Using Numeral Sequence Cards, the student forms the numeral in various materials, such as salt trays, finger paints, pudding, chalkboard or frosting. Numeral Sequence Cards are just cards in which the numerals written on them are written in two parts, with the first part of the numeral written in one color and the second part in a second color. It helps students to see the order in which to make the lines.

Geoboard Numerals
You will need to make numeral pattern cards first. Take a piece of Geoboard Dot Paper and make numerals on them. Students than make the numerals on their geoboards, copying the pattern cards. This is particularly helpful if you have a child who is revearsing their numerals.

Dot-to-dots and plastic number templates can be used as a transition to typical writing worksheets.

source: Mathematics Their Way, Mary Baratta-Lorton

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