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Comparing: Introduction (Pre K-2)

Things in the Room
For this game, you each think of something in the room, such as windows, plants, chairs, pencils, doors, and then the student decides which there is more or less of. When the answer is not obvious, Unifix cubes can be used to count the items that you cannot hold, in a one-on-one correspondence.

Comparing Names
The student writes his name on a sheet of graph paper and then writes the names of his family members or friends in the next rows. Now compare the names. Who has more letters in their name? Who has less? Who has the same? How many more or less letters do each of the names have?

Height Records
Periodically measure everyone in the family's height and compare the measurements to each other's and to their own previous measurements. 

Body Measurements

Using just a length of yarn or string, students measure and compare the length or circumference of various parts of their bodies. They also compare their own measurements with others. The results might surprise you! I was surprised at how many excited exclamations could be heard, such as, "Look, this is how long it is from head to by belly button!"


Comparisons could be made on a See-Saw. Who weighs more? Who weighs less? What two people weight the same as one heavier person? Can you make estimates and check them?

source: Mathematics Their Way, Mary Baratta-Lorton

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