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Paper Pizzas

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We had so much fun this week making paper pizzas. I saw the idea at Filth Wizardry and once I had gathered some round cardboard pieces, we were ready to go.
First we cut out the appropriate colored pieces from construction paper for cheese, pepperoni, green peppers and black olives. I cut black circles of paper for the olives and use a hole punch to make them look like olive slices. I also took each round piece of cardboard and covered the bottom of it with a brown paper bag, letting the edges come up and I crumpled them to look like crust around the edges. I glued these edges down, but then had to use clear tape as well to keep them from coming unglued. Perhaps once they are fully dry, we can take off the tape.

I used Filth Wizardry's suggestion of adding red food coloring to glue to make the tomato sauce and it                  worked really well. 
It looks a bit pink in the picture, but it is more reddish in real life. 

Next, the boys added their toppings.
What can you do with them when they are finished?
Pretend pizza parlor...
 Cut into pieces and they can be a puzzle to put back together, matching up the toppings.
You can also make a graph of the toppings on the pizza. What topping does your pizza have the most of? The least?
 If you cut each of several pizzas into different amounts of slices, you can make a fractions game. We used three pizzas and cut one into sixths, one into eighths and one into twelfths. We used the cards from our Fractions Jugglers game, but you can use any fractions flashcards or make cards of your own on index cards. 
Give each person five cards to start and take turns discarding one card, getting that amount of pizza, and drawing a new card to maintain five cards at all times. Once you have enough for a full pizza, you have won the game. This is an easy introduction to adding and subtracting fractions.
I am sure that other games could be made using paper pizzas. Can you think of one?


  1. I love this- I NEED to do this with Jungle Girl- We are so behind on learning fractions!!!!

  2. Now that might be Selena's type of pizza, considering she doesn't like the real thing.

  3. What a great activity! I love this. You seem to have so much fun with Pizza activities ;)

  4. Oh man, I'm sure there is too, and I can't think of it right now. Grrr......

  5. Anonymous9.3.12

    these are great! thank you for linking with "Look what we did!"

  6. The boys look like they're having so much fun with this!! thank you for linking up :)


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