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Number Crunching {Greater Than/Less Than} Alligator

 We made a little paper alligator to help learn greater than/less than concept.
On one side, I outlined his mouth and tail to show the math symbols.
I left the other side unmarked.
 I couldn't find my number tiles, so I quickly wrote up some number cards on index cards cut in half. I shuffled them into a pile and he pick two cards for each side and arranged them to make two numbers to compare.
And our number crunching alligator always went for the greater number.
Not so hard for him to apply that picture to the traditional greater than (>) and less than (<) symbols.
Quentin compared numbers on a number line.
James compared fractions.


  1. I love your alligator. The one I made/used was not anywhere near as cute.

  2. Nice alligator!
    BTW, thanks for commenting on my wrap up post, I probably wouldn't have known about your blog or stopped by here if you hadn't. Who has the time to check out every linked blog? I sure don't. Take Care & Happy Homeschooling

  3. I love him! :) I will keep him in mind for Noey one day.

  4. We have always talked about the alligator - but to actually have one - what fun!


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