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By The Shores of Silver Lake, Little House "Lapbook" (in Progress)

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 I guess you can't really call this a lapbook, at least not in the conventional sense. I find lapbooks somewhat constricting as they lay out all the questions to be answered in little defined spaces. I wanted something that would help them to reenact the scenes from the Little House series and perhaps even  inspire the boys' imagination to create new scenes for themselves. This book is made from three file folders glued together to form a several page book that can stand up by itself. The cover is a 3-D model of the Little House in the Big Woods from Practical Pages. The book is then full of scenes from each of the Little House series books.
 The next page opens up into a covered wagon. (Please pardon the quality of the pictures. I drew them free-hand, and I will be the first to tell you that I am not an artist.) 
It is designed for paper dolls (either handmade or bought) or plastic figures.
 Here is the country store. We cut out little pictures from xerox copies of books to use as props for this scene.
This is the train station, which, is, as you can see, not finished. The boys have been playing train station with little tickets. I was thinking of making the same sort of scene in this little book.


  1. That's a neat and unique take on lapbooks. I love it! I'll be trying this at some point. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. This has turned out very well! Great idea!

  3. I think it looks fun. I bet the boys are enjoying it.

  4. We love Little House! Looks great!

  5. Anonymous3.11.14

    I'm delighted that others are enjoying our 3D house as much as we did! My kids still remember the details of the story and the fun activities years later.


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