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Patterns: Part One: Introducing Patterns (Pre K-2)

Rhythmic Clapping

A great exercise in patterns is to have students reproduce rhythmic patterns and to translate those patterns into symbols. A line can mean a clap and a dot can mean a tap on the table. Have each student make up their own rhythmic patterns and write them on a dry-erase board so that all can follow them. Then all tap and clap out the pattern. Children really enjoy coming up with their own patterns.

The Dot Chart

Continuing with the tap/clap patterns, introduce the "Dot chart." Put a row of dots on a whiteboard and have students take turns creating patterns around the dots. Then have them make up rules for which are tap and clap. They can then tap and clap these patterns.

Unifix Patterns
To have them further practice translating the pattern to a different form, have them take those patterns and transfer them to two colors of Unifix cubes, one color being a tap and the other a clap.

Row Counting
In this activity, students act out a pattern and verbalize the results in a variety of ways. You can have students use any collection of toys and arrange them in the same pattern he was working on previously. For example, he could have two a row of toy figures and have two standing up and the third figure sitting down, continuing this pattern for as many figures as he has brought to the table. Can he think of another way of verbalizing this same pattern? For example, he could also call this pattern: two feet, two lfeet, no feet, to represent the number of feet touching the table. Play this game as many times as you feel it is useful and he finds interest in it.
(reposted from 7/8/08)

source: Mathematics Their Way, Mary Baratta-Lorton

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