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Place Value Game

Today Quentin and I played a place value game with an 10-sided die (a 6-sided die could be used too.) We used a piece of paper with two columns (or more, if you wish) to represent place value. We take turns rolling a die and deciding which column we want to put the amount the die shows.
For example, I rolled a 4, and I decided to put it in my ones column since it is a low number and I am hoping to roll a higher number next time. He rolls an 8 and decides to put it in the tens column, thinking that it will probably beat whatever I might roll next. I roll a 5 next and put it in my tens column, but I know he has me beat because no matter what he rolls, he has more in his tens column and will beat me. His 88 indeed beat my 54! As you can see, he did really well at this game, and had a lot of fun.
The next time we play this, I will make five columns, two for my results and two for his results with a blank column in the middle. In this way, we can record both of our results on one page and use the column in the middle to write the winner by using the usual less than/more than symbol.
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  1. Oh I like that idea! We did something similar adding it, but I totally forgot I could use it like that.

  2. Anonymous15.12.11

    This is a really neat way to reinforce place value. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I am a new google follower! I found your link up at the love2learn2day "monday" blog hop :) Thanks for posting such great info! Love this place value activity!


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