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Little House on the Prairie: Quilt Squares

Although the boys do like listening to the Little House series before bed, I sometimes have a problem finding activities that are not too-girlish for them to do related to them. They ask to do projects, but they sometimes don't like the possible choices. They didn't like the idea of sewing a quilt square, but they were happy to make quilt square patterns out of shapes (squares and triangles) of different sizes cut out of paper. Then it became an interesting puzzle for them, a little like tangrams.
We looked at some common quilt patterns, enjoyed hearing their names and making them with cut paper pieces.

 Here is an easy quilt square called Maryland Beauty.
 This is called T-Block, for obvious reasons.
 This one is called Old Maid.
 This one is called Broken Dishes.
 This one is called Mosaic.
This one is called Hourglass.
Then James wanted to make one of his own.
He called it Impossible Picture.
I am going to make some more squares and triangles out of Christmas wrapping paper scraps and have them make some designs to glue down on paper.
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  1. I LOVE this activity! Tell me, where did you get the pic of different quilt patterns for the kiddos to look at? Jungle Girl will be starting the Little House books in January, so I am gathering up activities for her to do...

  2. Wonder Mom-I just Googled Quilt square patterns images and picked the ones I liked, then printed them all out on one page.

  3. Christmas wrapping paper would make great squares and triangles. I was going to do that, but didn't follow through on it when we read "The Promise Quilt" for Virginia. Instead I just let the kids make whatever. Which made for some very interesting blocks........

  4. Great way to make it interesting for them! After reading this post, *I* want to do it! And it also reminds me that my little boy has really been wanting me to teach him how to sew. I need to get on that :) Love this post! I'll try to remember to come back and pin it, when pinterest will let me log in. It's being awful tonight.


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