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Geography-Postcard Album: Israel

photos on the card: Masada, The Dead Sea, Coastal plain, Negev landscape, Jerusalem, Ein Avdat, Acre, The Sea of Galilee, Old Jaffa
This week's postcard comes all the way from Israel!

"I come from a country even smaller than Estonia (about half it's size, actually..) and was wondering if you would like a postcard." 
"Seems postcards (touristic ones but also basic simple) are a rare commodity here, so today me and daughter finally went to Tel-Aviv to get us some postcards."

"Hello to you from Israel. Israel is a very small country in western Asia in a region called The Middle East. In olden time, it was the centre of the world as it was known, with three major trading routes crossing it -The Kings Highway, and ia Maris, both running from Egypt through Israel and onto Syria and the Silk Route which began in China and ended in Europe.

In our study of Israel the boys played a game, which is a little like tic-tac-toe, colored a map and ate Fafael.
Our traditional food is the falafel-a pita bread filled with humus, tehina, a salad or two and falafel balls made from chick peas. Be te avon! (equal Bon Appetit)
Tammy and Gavrielle, from the blog, My Pathway to Motherhood.

Look at the wonderful stamps!

For our activities related to Israel, we decided to have fun on the first night of Hanukkah.

Hanukkah is a festival that honor a marvelous event in Israel's history. More than two thousand years ago Israel was ruled by the Syrians. Jewish rebels fought to free their land and won a great victory, recapturing Jerusalem. A special ceremony was needed to make the great Temple in Jerusalem holy again. One of the things they had to do was relight the Temple lamp, which was supposed to bun at all times. But only a special oil, blessed by the priests, could be burned in the lamp and this took eight days to bless. The Jewish leaders found only a tin jar of the special oil- just enough to burn for one day, but they lit the lamp anyway. Miraculously the lamp burned for the whole eight days. The eight days of Hanukkah are in memory of the eight days the lamp stayed lit. For this reason, often foods cooked in oil are served such as doughnut and latkes.
 They played the dreidel game with gelt, or gold foil covered chocolate coins.
We lit my Menorah that was given to me by a friend in college.
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  1. How cool and what great timing. I love the story of Hanukkah.

  2. That is an awesome stamp - and a fun study :)

  3. Wow. I love this geography study! Israel! How exciting.

  4. Very timely indeed, and how neat that you have your own Menorah! We are enjoying the fact that Christmas and Hanukkah overlap this year - in our family we celebrate both.

  5. You've shared Postcard, it's really very wonderful.



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