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It's In The Cards: Math Games with Playing Cards

There are so many ways to practice math functions with just a pack of playing cards!
Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication
Split a deck of cards and simultaneously flip over their top two cards. Each player adds his two cards together to get the final number. (face cards worth ten, ace worth 11) The highest sum wins all four cards
If the cards sums have the same value, the cards are placed in a center pile. The next hand is played normally and the winner of the next addition number battle takes the center pile as well.
For practice adding more than two numbers, flip over three cards instead of just two.
For subtraction, play in the same way, but subtract the smaller number from the larger number.

Multiplication can also be practiced with this game, just multipliying the two cards instead of adding.

Place Value
Players split a deck of cards (face cards and 10s removed, ace worth one)
 and simultaneously flip over either their top three cards to create a 3-digit number. Players may move the cards and place in any position of the number they wish. The player with the larger number, gets to keep all the cards.

Practicing multiplication with cards.
More math games with cards can be found here.


  1. Great ideas! I wanted to introduce playing cards to my daughter for a long time. These games look like fun!

  2. Good idea and I've been looking for some ideas in this vein.

  3. Playing cards have so many great uses in school.

  4. I always enjoy reading your blog....so many great lessons..thanks for sharing all of them.
    Marcia :)


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