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Concentration -The quantity of a substance within a certain volume of space.

This experiment is a two-part one. First you take three glasses and put 1 cup of vinegar in the first glass, one-half cut in the second glass and one-fourth in the third glass.
Drop a tums into each glass.
There shouldn't be much difference in what happens in each glass because it doesn't matter how much vinegar in the cup. The Tums neutralizes the acid and they bubble and disappear at the same rate.

The second part of the experiment will show the effect of concentration.
Using three new glasses, we put the same amounts of vinegar in the glasses as before, but we also added one cup of water to the first glass, one and one half cups of water to the second glass and one and three-quarters cups of water in the third glass. Now all three glasses have two cups of liquid in them, but with different ratios of vinegar to water.

It is hard to tell from these photos, but in the first glass, the Tums tablet bubbled and disappeared slower than in the first experiment but in the second glass the Tums dissolved even more slowly and in the third glass the Tums dissolved at the slowest rate.

 In this experiment, there was half as much vinegar in the same amount of volume as the first glass. Since there was half as much vinegar in the same volume, the concentration of vinegar was half as much and the neutralization of the acid by the Tums went much more slowly. In each of the other two glasses, there was an even lower concentration of acid, and the dissolving of the Tums went even slower.

"At certain concentrations, chemicals behave in one way. At other concentrations, those same chemicals behave in a completely different way." -Exploring Creation with Physical Science, Jay Wile

source: Exploring Creation with General Science, Jay Wile

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  1. What a cool way to explain concentration.

    Of course when you put that title down I thought of the game......

  2. I love hands on experiments. My boys are never so interested as when they are doing something like this! Thanks for sharing.

  3. In my google reader, your blog is teasing me with the best ever pizza dough. But then I come here and this keeps coming up. FANTASTIC science but now I want PIZZA! LOL

  4. Very neat experiment. I love visiting a blog and getting something I can use w/out much preparation! Thanks!


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