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And the Winning Word is...

I have had no problems with my boys and their spelling words this week.
We have been playing a fun game in which we, using scrabble tiles, figure out the point value of the week's spelling words.

 It is fun seeing which words win. This one is only a 12-point word.
 This one is a 13-point word.
Quentin was glad to have a 16-point word.
They also found out that Bergenholtz is a 26 point word!
What's your highest point spelling word this week?

Update: I noticed that Jimmie has a printable set of Scrabble Tiles, just in case you don't have any around the house.


  1. Oh! I like it. We've been making our sight words with Bananagram tiles - but adding the totals with Scrabble tiles would be even more fun!

  2. I so need to find a used scrabble set. The kids would love it so much........

  3. We also use Bananagrams here, but Scrabble is even neater and adds some math to the mix :)

  4. Fun! You think of the coolest ways to learn!! Thank you for sharing and for linking up.


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