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Telling Time

We have worked on skip counting by 5's from time to time and we practiced it just yesterday with nickles, so he was ready to apply that skill to the clock.  I made this practice clock, which I found here, out of two paper plates and some black cardstock for the hands.
The top plate has the clock face with numbers written in red.  These numbers are cut so that they lift to show the minute numbers (written on the bottom plate) in blue. The plates are glued together in the middle.
The original instructions called for the hands to be made with Bobby pins, but we decided to use some black cardstock cut out and held with a brad. We labeled the hands with the appropriate colors to match the numbers around the clock face. He was so happy with his learning clock, I bet he will be sporting a new watch in no time.
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  1. This is wonderful!! I've been trying to think of ways to teach telling time. Love this!

  2. This is a very clever idea! I have to make a clock like this when we are ready to tell time!

  3. This is fantastic. My younger kids LOVE their watches!

  4. I like the clock, whenever we go back to time I need to remember this.

  5. You know I find it amazing how many kids can not tell time! It is because everything is digital! Why learn when you can just look at the digital clock. It is like anything...you learn it young but it isn't reinforced. Great ideas and I love the watch gift. :)

  6. I like the idea of a watch gift as a reward for learning time. This is a cute activity too!


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