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The Corn Harvest (August), 1565, Pieter Bruegel the Elder and Sunflowers in Chalk Pastels

We have begun studying our last artist for this year, Pieter Bruegel the Elder.
We looked at the subject of the painting and we looked at the techniques the artist used in the painting such as contour lines.
We then made our own fall sunflower pictures with chalk pastels using this tutorial at Hodgepodge.

 (top, left) Phyllis, (top right) James, age 10 (bottom left) Quentin, age 7 (bottom right) Katie, age 19
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  1. So was there a younger one too?

    And I love their sunflowers, the pastels worked very well.

  2. Yes, Ticia, and his work was similar to his father's. If you are curious about him, there is a bit here...

  3. Anonymous7.6.11

    I love the artwork!!

  4. I love your art studies! I so want to incorporate these in next years plans. Do you do one every week? What is the schedule?

    Your sunflowers are beautiful. Everyone did such a great job.

  5. Lovely pictures! My kids like using pastels too.

  6. That's an amazing chalk pastel, isn't it? Hard to believe, there's so much detail.

    As impressive as his are, I think I like Yours more. :)

  7. Stephanie -Bruegel's painting is actually oil on wood, but I thought pastels would be a good way to catch the spirit and colors of the painting. We will be doing several pastels while we study Bruegel's works, not because he did pastels but because of the natural settings and colors in his paintings can easily be reflected with the pastel medium.


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