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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Spring Trees Through The Eyes of a 10-Year Old

They were playing outside in the fresh spring air.

James, 10, came bounding through the door, a bolt of energy.

"Mom, I was looking up at the trees where the buds were, and you know what?"
"What?" I respond.

"There are leaves there now. All new and green."

"Oh, that is wonderful, honey! Spring is here, isn't it?"
He paused for a moment and I could see he was contemplating whether or not to ask me to go with him to look at them and then he said,
"Can I take some pictures,  please?"

"Of course, " I said, handing him the camera.

He was only gone a short while, and then he bounded back in.
"Look at them!" he said, handing me the camera, excited to share them with me.
And now, I share them with you.


  1. Wonderful! Wonderful! My 5yo came bounding in earlier in the week telling me the river birch had its leaves now - just days before it had buds. I smiled huge at the fruits of nature study.
    Beautiful photos 10yo! What an artistic eye. Thank you for sharing.

  2. That's beautiful Phyllis! Thanks for sharing the pictures :)

  3. Awesome! I love a child's perspective on things - anything! It's refreshing!


  4. Anonymous15.4.11

    beautiful! i love the 3rd photo. thank God for the new life of spring!

  5. Thanks for sharing. So sweet. We are just getting some blooms around our house too and the kids are so excited.

  6. Anonymous15.4.11

    Love the pictures!! Your 10 year old did a wonderful job!!

  7. I love it when my kids take the camera. It's so fun to see things the way they do! Thanks for sharing these pictures, they're beautiful!


  8. Great perspective from your son's eyes....love to hear that it was his idea to document the new leaves. Warms my heart.

    Thank you so much for sharing your entry.

  9. Oh I so love this!!! Tell James that I love his pictures and I would love to see that same tree in a few weeks.

  10. Hi Phyllis, isn't it wonderful that our children are becoming great observers?
    I'm fine with whatever you choose to share with the postcard exchange.
    Oh, and tell your guys that I love to bowl also. I can't see the pins at the other end, but I love to bowl.

  11. What a great snapshot of your day! Love his photos! Thanks for sharing with us!

  12. I love looking at pictures kids take! He did a beautiful job :)

  13. They are beautiful!!


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