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A Reason For Handwriting Chalkboard

I have been going through all of our possessions, including our homeschool materials, trimming down things for our moving day. It is amazing how many things one accumulates in 10+ years! I came across this chalkboard I made a number of years ago to accompany A Reason For Handwriting. It was pretty easy to make. I just used painter's tape to mark of the where the lines were to go and I free-handed the tree, treehouse and stairs. If you are familiar with the program, you will know that they use the tree house descriptions to tell where the lines to form the letters go. I found that this blackboard was a great kinetic way of extending the workbooks. Although it won't be going with us, it served us well with most of our children using it from one time to another.


  1. Starting off beginning writers on the board is better too, especially those with fine motor delays. It is easier to write on the vertical plane and then transition to horizontal plane through slant notebooks . . .

  2. Phyllis, It has been too long since I stopped by. I didn't even realize you were moving. Ugh. I don't envy your move. But I suppose it gives you ample opportunity for some decluttering (which I could really do a LOT of around here). I hope your transition goes smoothly.
    I really liked your Easter photos. Your children are so lucky to have a Mom that does so much with them.
    Have a beautiful day,


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