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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

David (1501), Michelangelo

We reviewed the story of David from the Bible.
We compared and contrasted the Pieta and David statues.
We learned a little about the life of Michelangelo.

We have never studied sculpture to any extent, so I thought that it might interest them at this time if they got a chance to make some three-dimensional artwork.


  1. Wow the kids did an awesome job on their sculptures. Your picture of "David" brings back such fond memories. I saw the real thing many, many years ago. The statue is breathtaking in real life.
    I love all your lessons....I want to be one of your students. Thanks for sharing.
    Marcia Murphy

  2. We should make some of these - I think Jon would really like it. I need to run to the market and get some new paints. . . .

  3. Great idea, my son has to do a project for zoo school, about the red wolf. Mind if i use your idea? Andrea

  4. Beautiful animals - and a good reminder to try some 3D art instead of always sticking with flat paper. I like that the animals become toys to play with too. Maybe you should make an ark?

    Lovely to see you at the Play Academy again.

  5. 3D artwork rocks!! And your zoo came out so well!! Love it!

    Thanks for linking to Kids Get Crafty!


  6. Nice!!
    And I love Se7en!! :)

    These that you've made are beautiful, and I can't help but think that mine would love some paper sculpting, seein's how we've been all about paper lately!

  7. Oh wow, I love those animals! What great fun!

  8. I love that you were inspired by Se7en—I am another big fan! :) Your animals are lovely.

    I also love that this came from you looking at the David sculpture and Michelangelo—it's beautiful when learning travels so naturally. I was talking with my kids the other day about that very sculpture (and then of course I went on about Florence, and Italy in general and we all wanted to go there even more than before!).

    Thank you for sharing all that art!


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