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Vowel and Consonant Flowers

Today we  played around with building words with vowels and consonants. One of Quentin's copywork pages for history had the consonants already printed and he had to fill in the vowels. That got us on a discussion of vowels and consonants and how they work within words.
I remembered the idea of making flowers with the centers marked with vowels and the petals with consonants from Having Fun at Home and so I thought we would give it a try. It was unclear if they were making words out of their flowers, but I wanted to build words with our flowers. Quentin decided from the start that he wanted a sunny side and a rainy side to his paper, so he put those in while I cut out flower parts. It is difficult to come up with longer words with only one-vowel, so we ended up with sparsely petaled flowers. That led Quentin to the idea that wind blew off some of the petals, so we added some wind to the picture. Then he wanted to add the words to the cloud, sun and rain. We added in a small breeze and added that word in as well. For his flower words he chose two words for playing in the sun -sand and play, and two words for playing when it rains -ships and crafts.
He was very pleased with his picture when he finished it and he showed it to Steven and explained that the yellow letters were the vowels, except for the sun, which we had to use purple for because yellow didn't show up on the yellow sun.
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  1. Wow!! He was really having a blast!!

  2. I really like this idea, both your version and Having Fun at Home's version.

    I now have the wheels in my head turning for our reading lessons here at The Fantastic Five...

    As always, thank you for the inspiration! :0)

  3. You know, I just realized I need to get my kids back to watching Word World occasionally.

  4. Ooh this is great! My kindergartener is just learning the difference between vowels and consonants she would love this. Thank you for sharing and linking up.


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