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St. Patrick's Math

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Mathematical Rainbow

This idea came from iwonderbee and I have been waiting for the right opportunity to do it. I thought that St. Patrick's week was the perfect for rainbow math!  All you do is make a rainbow shape on a piece of white paper. Then have squares of paper in the colors of the rainbow, making sure they are about the same size. Have your student glue the squares mosaic style on the rainbow outline. I changed it only slightly in that I had my boys count the number of squares they used and iwonderbee had her student count out the leftover squares of paper. Either way it is a similar math activity. Quentin started with his purple squares  in the very middle section instead of the first stripe, so he ended up having an extra stripe at the top. I asked him to decide how he wanted to handle it and he decided to make a second row of red squares above the first.  We noticed when he counted the different rows that they mostly went up in increments of two...the first row had three, the next five, the next seven...and so on.

Celtic Knot Cookies

 Have a little fun with geometry, making Celtic Knots out of snakes of cookie dough.

Remember the Rainbow Fruit Pizza from yesterday? Well, we had a lot of leftover fruit, so we put it to good use, making these Rainbow Fruit Pops. The secret is to use Capri Sun as the juice because it is nearly clear and allows the beautiful fruit to show through.


  1. I love this idea with the rainbow!

  2. mmmmm, i want to eat those knots!! i think that cookbook of what kids eat in different states is so cool!! i am going to look for that!

  3. Those cookies are awesome!!

  4. I love the rainbow idea too. I was realizing hte other day I hadn't really talked with them about rainbows.

  5. What fun!! Thank you.

  6. Anonymous15.3.11

    Again-thanks for sharing! My kindergartner will love this.

  7. Anonymous15.3.11

    Hi, you tried it...cool! Thanks for the mention, I just logged on and saw my site stats.
    Love the Celtic knot cookies...something that I just might try one of these days.

  8. I love the rainbow idea, the cookie and the rainbow fruit pops! Looks yummy!


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