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Sight Word Jewels

My youngest son loves treasure of all sorts. He loves to hide coins, or find gems or pretend to discover gold. And so, today we played with jewels.

But these were not your ordinary jewels. These were sight word gems!
After he becomes familiar with a new set of words, I can make new gems for him to practice with and keep once he masters them. The words then, become, not something reserved only as a reading or spelling exercise or even between the covers of books, but also a tangible thing. Those are his words. He actually owns them!

And so we did our usual All About Spelling lesson and then we worked on these sight words, most of which he already knew. It is always a good place to start. Then build from there, adding new ones a little at a time. We even can build sentences with them.

How to Make: You will need the large glass discs, Mod Podge, a foam brush, and a print out of the sight words (about size 16 font). Cut words out in squares. With foam brush, apply a coat of mod podge on top of word square. Press your thumb on top of jewel till the word shows up dark. When dry, cut around the jewel to remove excess paper. Seal jewel by applying a coat of mod podge to back of paper. Let dry.

source: Fairy Dust Teachingsee her wonderful photo tutorial!
           paper version for younger children

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  1. Oh, that is a cool idea. We're just getting seriously into using All About Spelling. I'll have to remember this.

    Of course, I've now misplaced my box full of the cards. How do I do that?

  2. love your Jenga moment! I used to love that game!

  3. My Kindergartner is going to love this! This is just up her alley. What a neat way to learn. Thank you so much for linking this activity and for sharing.

    Now off to Hobby Lobby I go.


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