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Postcard Geography Album: California, "The Golden State"

California is where my husband is from and where his family lives, so it is a state of importance to us. To introduce it a bit more, we had a Calfornia inspired lunch of Cobb Salad.

Alex and Quentin took turns coloring a state coloring page which included the state flower, the California Poppy; the state bird, the California Quail and the Golden Gate Bridge. It has a star for the state capital, Sacramento and also lists the cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego. With little pictures it notes the major industries of farming, vegetables and fruits, computers, factories and mining. It also has little icons for Sequoia National Park, Sierra Nevada Mountains, Sacramento River, San Joaquin River, and the Colorado River.

This is the postcard we received from California.

I helped the boys put some construction paper behind the state coloring page to give it some contrast and we decided to leave the writing side of the postcard up this time. We glue everything on the page except the postcards, which we tape in with one strip of transparent tape at the top, so that we can always look at both sides of them by just pulling the page out of the plastic protector sleeve and either just flipping the card or carefully removing the card and tape.

Hop on over to Homegrown Learners if you'd like some ideas for California-themed books0r to Our Cup of Tea for lots more ideas for a California study.
visited 9 states (18%) and Washington DC with our postcard album studies


  1. I remember reading somewhere that California is also where Caesar salad was introduced.

    Where'd you find the coloring page?

  2. Ticia, The page came from a coloring book that I found when I was going through some of my books.
    It is really a nice one. You can find it here:

  3. Oh I have been so hungry for salad lately, I might just have to make one for lunch now. Thank you for linking up.

  4. This is another beautiful entry to Postcard Exchange! So happy to see you join us.
    I'm impressed on how you work hard, Phyllis, in putting all your lesson together. Your children are blessed to be homeschooled by you. You're so creative.



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