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Eggs, Eggs Everywhere, Part Two: How Many?

Continuing from last week's lesson, I had some coloring pages for them of different egg-laying animals.

As they colored them, we talked about how many eggs the different animals lay, and that the number of eggs an animal lays usually depends on the animal's chance of survival.

I asked them which of these animals had the least protection by the parents and face the most hazards and which had the most protection. We then made a parallel between the most protected animals had the least amount of eggs and the least protected had the most amount of eggs and that this insured enough but not too many offspring.

We looked at the animal classification chart in terms of this and could see some generalities.
One one end of the spectrum, (egg-laying) mammals take care of their helpless young and have few eggs and on the other end, insects emerge from their eggs as miniature adults and have many predators and therefore have many eggs.


  1. I like the idea of looking at different egg layers all at the same time - very fun!

  2. I really should be commenting more on your blog. I continue to read your blog everyday and I am always bookmarking your activites. Your lessons are always inspiring. My kids would love you as their teacher!! Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. I hadn't really thought about how the number of eggs depends on their chance for survival. But, I guess that's true.

    I love their coloring pages and the varying amounts they tried to color.


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