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Winter Wednesday: Winter Weeds

"From October to April, the dried flower stalks, withered leaves, and seedpods give some clues as to the plants’ identity." -Discover Nature in Winter

photo from Design Sponge
Nature study doesn't have to stop in the winter, nor does it have to take a long time. Just take a 10-minute walk to an area in which weeds have been allowed to grow up and left through the winter.

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Collect a variety of seeds from weeds in your local area and sketch them in your nature journal.
We love our Winter Weed Finder book for identification of plants in winter. (We love the whole series.) It is surprising to learn that sometimes plants are easier to identify in their winter dried state!

"I told the children to split open a (milkweed) pod ."What do you feel inside? I asked them.
"Oh, it's lovely, so soft and silky." spoke Emily, almost in a whisper.
Don split one open and holding it high in front of him, waved it energetically back and forth until a cloud of milkweed seeds floated about his head. "Let's draw these!"
Then I asked them what the outside of the pod felt like.
It's bumpy," said Don, running his fingers over it. I advised that they could show the rough texture by drawing in the little bumps."-Pocketful of Pinecones, Karen Andreola

 Gather a few varieties of weeds and display them in a vase.
Or, isn't this Fall-Winter Weeds Collection Board fantastic?

Directions at Design*Sponge

This was originally posted Feb. 18, 2009.
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  1. I'm fascinated by the variety of seeds you found. If it is dry this weekend, I might try this with the children.

    I left an answer on my blog to your question about the game we made. If you would like a copy of the rules then I'll gladly email it to you. She had great fun inventing them!

  2. Awesome job! I love the winter weed finder. I'll have to check them out! We're actually a week behind Winter Wednesday - we're doing evergreens/pines today.


  3. Thanks for visiting our snow post! I've never heard of that series of books before, but I think they are about to become some of my favorites. :)

  4. Love the weed collection board...thanks for sharing! What a treasure!

    Thank you so much for linking to the winter weed challenge.

  5. Another wonderful idea! I love that board.

  6. Yes! Simply fantastic. This is gorgeous. What detail to your findings. Love the board!

  7. i LOVE this book, we just got it this winter and I have used it this week for our Queen Anne's lace study.


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