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Privateers and Spanish Galleons: Week 5: Pirates!

Pirate Time!
My little pirates have been so sick with colds all week, we were unable to do some of the projects we had planned to do. After feeling miserable for so long with appetites waning, I thought it might cheer them up to have a pirate themed meal. It was impromptu and simple. I could tell my little one wasn't feeling well when he didn't dress up for it.
Orange-Jello-in-an-Orange Boats

Hot dog Ships

raw carrot coins

dried fruit

hard tack biscuits and cheese chunks

Treasure chests made from Ho-ho's and M & M's

Another fun treat to have would be these Tricorne Hats. Instructions at Diamonds for Desert.

We switched our pins for these nifty round-headed ones.
Use this week to catch up on any projects left undone.  Younger students can make a Jolly Roger, and help out with preparing for a pirate celebration of your own.  Older students can add the different famous pirates to their timelines, as well as complete work on Ocean Routes. In addition older students can, using what they have learned about ocean currents, make up a story about shipwrecks, people at sea, or travels of an object such as a message in a bottle. Have them start at any place and follow the most likely route, explaining the adventures on that route.  They can draw a map of the route discussed in their story for additional dots. Younger students can complete this lapbook.
Give your student 5 dot movement for any project completed. If you would like to do additional activities, here is a list of some for the younger students:
Paper Parrot for a Pirate
Pirate Eye Patch
Pirate Hat or Tri-corner Pirate Hat
Pirate Hook
Pirate Puppets

Fates: For Privateers traveling along the eastern coast of America: Strong winds are blowing in your favor. Roll a die and add this to your movement.
For any ship on Route 1: This route cuts across the Sargasso Sea. This area is noted for heavy surface weeds. These weeds slow your progress. Roll a die and subtract this from your movement.
For any ship on Route 2 or 3: Gusty winds from a tropical storm have filled your sail for three days. Roll a die and add this to your movement.


  1. I love your pirate orange jellos. THat is such a great idea. I'm thinking maybe a jello Mayflower when we get to that point......

  2. Hope everyones feeling better - that lunch had to help :)


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