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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Making Winter Postcards

After seeing Se7en make lovely summertime postcards and sending one of them to us, I thought we should make some wintertime postcards to send out.
First we started by painting a red border around our postcards and then we painted in a blue sky.

And then we added snowey landscapes, green trees and snowmen.

They added details with markers.

And then they got out the glitter...

and so snow fell all over.

Then we had a snowmen on snowy landscapes all over!
If you would like one, give us your address and we will send you one, if you send us a postcard in return -either homemade or one of your state.


  1. Great idea! They did an awesome job on them!


  2. Those are lovely! Good job, kiddos!

  3. What a great project idea. They look like they worked so hard!


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