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Geography-Postcard Album: China

This week, because of Chinese New Year's, we are doing most of our school activities around China as the theme.

It was a perfect week to do a page on China for our Postcard-Geography Album.
China's natural barriers to the west, south, and east helped to protect the early  Chinese people from invasion. China's natural barriers include seas - the China Sea and the Yellow Sea, both located in the Pacific Ocean. These seas provide a huge coastline, which provided trade routes and easy access to food. China's natural barriers also include mountains, deserts, and rivers.  China's many natural barrier helped to keep her isolated from the rest of the world for many thousands of years. The Himalayan Mountains run along the border to the south. In ancient times, these mountains helped to protect the early Chinese people from invasion. China has two large deserts. The Gobi Desert is one of the driest deserts in the world. The Taklamakan Desert is the second largest desert in the world. There are also two rivers, the Yangtze (Long River) and the Yellow River.
For our geography album page this time we made a physical map of China, and we added the three postcards we have received from China.

Our album has gotten so large, we decided to divide it into two albums, so we now have one for Countries Around The World and one for all the states in The United States.

visited 8 countries in our postcard album study
Create your own visited map of The World

photo from Little Lovely via Design Mom

By the way, I saw this lovely idea from Little Lovely via Design Mom. It was originally designed as a memory box for children traveling abroad. It is an index box that fits index cards in which they can record their memories and also postcards. I thought that this would make a wonderful alternative for the postcard geography album in that it could hold the postcards and also index cards holding any other information about the country on it, such as facts, small maps, the country or state's flag, and the like. The best part about it is that it can be easily added to, slipping new postcards or new information index cards right behind what has already been collected.


  1. How neat that you received real postcards from China! I would love to get some too - it seems like such an interesting place to me. An index box is an interesting idea to keep both little mementos and postcards.

  2. Hello Phyllis and family,

    Thank you for this very informative post. My family lived in Northwest China for 5 years. We are on the desert part around Taklamakan desert; very hot on summer and very cold on winter. Your post reminded me of good memories...

    Thank you also for sharing the index box photo. I was planning to ask everybody in my next post on creative postcard album ideas. Here you are way ahead!!! Yay! My mind is already racing with ideas. I want to hunt for a box today!

    blessing to you and family! hope you have a great week.

  3. I have to show this to Selena tomorrow. She just asked me tonight if I would send her to China when she got in trouble. Don't ask where she came up with that as I have no idea!


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