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Explorers and Pirates (1420-1779) Part VI: Mapping

When we think of explorers and pirates, we think of maps; sailors and their sea maps and pirates and their treasure maps.

A Compass Rose
Most maps include a compass rose, which indicates which way is north, south, east and west.
Use the (younger) Compass Rose Worksheet and label the cardinal directions or (older) Azimuths and Compass Quadrant Bearings

Make A Compass
Need: a bowl of water, a circle magnet, the bottom cut out of a Styrofoam cup

Embed the magnet in the Styrofoam cup bottom by putting a small slit in the cup bottom and inserting the magnet in it so that it is upright. The magnet should immediately align with the Earth's magnetic field and one flat side should face north and the other faces south. 
Mark the North side with an N. Replace in the cup bottom.
Pick up the bowl and walk with it. You can now tell which way you are walking by which way the magnet turns in the bowl.

Hunting for Treasure

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