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Postcard-Geography Album: Colorado, “The Centennial State”

We have learned a lot about Colorado this week. Colorado is a Spanish word and means "colored red." Its first inhabitants were the Apache, Pueblo, Arapaho, Cheyenne, Comanche, Ute, and Shoshone tribes was explored early by the Spanish and claimed for Spain in 1706. In 1821 Mexico won its independence from Spain and took over Spanish land claims. In 1848 Mexico was defeated by the US in the Mexican-American war and America took Colorado by treaty. In 1858 gold was discovered at Pike's Peak and up popped up boom town settlements all over the Colorado Rockies. The territory of Colorado was established in 1861 and in 1876 Colorado became a state. The state's nickname is "the Centennial State" because it was made a state exactly 100 years after American Independence was declared. Colorado is one of the four corners states, the only place where four state boundaries touch at a square corner. The Rocky Mountains take up the western 2/3 of the state, from Denver west.  And the Great plains make up the eastern side.
Our printer is not working so I got Sam to sketch out a map. Quentin labeled and colored the map until he tired and then had me finish it up. We added our postcard, completing Quentin's page of Colorado for our Postcard-Geography.

Quentin colored the state of Colorado on our United States map. He made it match our large map.
Following the suggestions at A Common Shepherdess, we also made a Colorado State Dinner featuring Chili Relleno Rolls and Tomato and Potato Bake...
Chef Salad bar, and...
Rocky Mountain Cookie Balls.

"Few other states in our union have the magnificent topography of the Centennial State. This unique Colorado landscape is beautifully represented in the illustrations of Helle Urban, an the rhyming verse and expository text of Louise Whitney defines those images and expands our understanding of the Rockies, Blue Spruces, Springs, and Yucca plants that paint this land."

visited 7 states (14%), and Washington DC in our postcard album studies
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  1. Those cookies look so yummy! I must be hungry for homemade cookies. Great unit on Colorado. Thank you for linking up this week.

  2. Anonymous12.1.11

    You're killin' me today. Chili Relano Rolls? I'm totally looking at those. Send a few Rocky Mountain Cookie Rolls through the cyber space will ya?

  3. You are too good! We like to exchange postcards, too. Please leave me a message if interested.

  4. I love that you made food to go along with it. Who all do you swap postcards with?

  5. Jenny,
    I do use Postcrossing for most of my postcards
    but I also invite any readers to send me an email if they are interested in a postcard swap with us. I will give you our address then and we will send a postcard in return when we get yours.

  6. OK I had to come back and find your Colorado unit (since that's where I am and I was going to offer a postcard but my state was clearly already done!) Great work guys! Chile Rellenos are DEFINITELY Colorado food.


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