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Geography-Postcard Album: New Hampshire, “The Granite State”

Alex added a new page to our geography album.

After learning about New Hampshire, he made this page for the album. We were surprised to learn that this state seems to have it all in terms of geographical features -lakes, ocean, farm lands, forests, mountains.
Sam drew his own map for his notebook.
"From Robert Frost and Sara Josepha Hale to the Old Man of the Mountain and Tuckerman's Ravine - "G is for Granite" shares information on the history, geography, and state symbols of New Hampshire from A to Z."

We like to make a dinner or dessert that ties in with the state. We learned that New Hampshire is famous for its apples, squash, pumpkins and seafood. We decided to make a pumpkin-butternut squash soup for our dinner...

with pumpkin biscuits.

This is what the soup looks like once it has cooked down a bit.

and how the biscuits look once they are baked.
And a book to read along with it.
Traces 12 generations of Tuttles from Dover, N.H., operators of the longest continuously running family farm in the country. "As the Tuttles passed down the farm, along the way they witnessed the settlement and expansion of New England; they fought in the American Revolution; they helped runaway slaves along the Underground Railroad and sold maple syrup to Abraham Lincoln; they bought the first Model T in that Dover; and they transformed the old barn into the thriving country store it is today." Amazon

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  2. I am loving this series with the postcards in the scrapbook....definitely something my boys would have loved to do.

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  3. I just love your postcard scrapbooks.


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