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Make a Matching Game

I have found that when there are just a few more days before Christmas, it is always nice to have a game to occupy them.

This is a very simple game to make.
You need some Hershey's Kisses and either
white circle stickers and small stamps or
colored circle stickers or
small stickers, but make sure you have two of each.

Put your stickers on the bottom of the Kisses...

in pairs.

Now you have a matching game, which can be played with one player...

or two.
Just take turns picking up two of the Kisses and seeing if they match.
If they do, you get to keep them. How many matches can you make?
When you get tired of playing with them, you can eat them!
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  1. We could use a good game today - and we always like chocolate :)

  2. A very yummy game, though I could see the playing pieces disappearing quickly.

  3. I've not found Hersey kisses in this country, so I shall have to think of a UK alternative. Lovely, yummy idea.

  4. Please let me know what you come up with, Cheryl. I am curious to know.


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